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Boost Converter DC DC Step Up, Uin: 10...32V, Uout: 12...35V, 6A 150W

Code AMM09
  • Weight 65.00g

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Item description

The Module Properties: non - isolated step - up Module (BOOST)
65 * 56.5 * 23 (length * width * high) (mm)
The Input voltage: 10-32 V
The Output voltage: 12-35 V (adjustable)
The Output Current: 6 A (MAX)
The Input Current: 10 A (MAX) (both Please enhance heat dissipation if wining 10A)
The Output power: natural cooling 100 W (MAX), enhance heat dissipation 150W (MAX)
Easy to drive 65W to 90W dual - core notebook
Use a 12V 'drive 19V 3.42 a notebook, the module temperature is about 45 °C
Conversion efficiency: 94% (measured at 16V Input, the output of 19Vv 2.5 A)
The Output Ripple: 2% (MAX) 20 m - bandwidth
Operating Temperature: Industrial (40 ° c to + 85 ° c) (ambient Temperature exceeds 40 ° c, the lower the power use, or to enhance the heat dissipation)
Full load temperature rise: 45 °C
No - load current: 25mA typical
Voltage regulation: plus or minus 0.5%
The Dynamic response speed: 5% 200us
Short circuit protection: None (both Please Install fuses and protection circuits at the Input port.)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (both Please Series diode at the Input port.) Some Applications:
1. The DIY an output adjustable vehicle power supply, connect the 12 v input, and the output could be 14-35 v (adjustable freely), clear that the output voltage can not be less than the input voltage.
2. Car laptop power supply, connected to 12 v power supply, the output voltage regulation as your notebook the need.